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Got angry about something? Write to the papers

When you get cross about an issue you should write to the papers about it!

It's believed that the letters page is often the most trusted part of the local paper. So when you see a local issue being ignored or see something you feel is wrong put fingers to keyboard and write!

Look for the email address to send letters to so that you save on the paper and envelopes!

Most want your name and address. The nationals want your phone number too. This is incase journalists want to interview you about the story you give, or to check information you've given them. Most times they don't ring!

You can use a nom de plume (Pen name) for publication if you are shy.

Write Sybiline Demontford (or whatever your nom de plume will be) and state nom de plume of YOUR REAL NAME.

Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph and Letters should be sent to (Daily Telegraph) or (Sunday Telegraph). Please include name, address, and work and home telephone numbers.


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