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Carbon Tiptoes review of USwitch

Switching to Green Energy with Uswitch - helps you leave Tiptoes not a footprint

Uswitch can help you switch easily to green energy

Uswitch for green energy
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Green energy can come from several sources.
By using energy from renewable sources you reduce the amount of CO2 used to heat and power your home.
The site shows you which options are available and what the tarriffs mean for you.

Wind farms

The energy used in manufacturing and erecting a wind turbine is paid back in 3-6 months of operation. With a 1,000-mile coastline, Britain has the greatest potential for wind energy generation in Europe.

this is a generic term for energy created by falling water. For instance, hydroelectric dams hold back water, creating a reservoir of potential power. A water gate lets it surge through a tunnel leading to turbines. The water turns the turbines, which in turn spin electricity generators.

Solar power
Harnessed by solar panels, the sun's energy can be converted to electricity or used to heat water. A single photovoltaic (PV) solar panel can provide enough electricity to power a TV.

Wave and tidal energy
Lines of floating power generators offshore or on the shoreline capture wave energy and turn it into electricity. Tidal barrages trap the predictable energy in tides, exploiting the natural rise and fall of the sea level.

There is also huge untapped potential in biomass, landfill gas energy, and combined heat and power (chp).

The market for green energy is growing all the time. The big six energy suppliers have introduced green tariffs, and new companies such as Ecotricity and Good Energy have been set up specifically to help combat climate change.



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