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Natural Collection can help you reduce your carbon footprint

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# Swedish Firesteel:
Offer details:£11.96, saving 20% on the recommended retail price of £14.95

# Eco Laundry Kit
Offer details: £27.20, saving 20% on the recommended retail price of £34.00

# Kitchen compost crock
Offer details: £14.20, saving 20% on the recommended retail price of £17.75

Natural Collection
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Natural Collection

Amazing products -
Q2 Brass Cleaner
‘Carpet Saving’ Mats - Help Protect your Floors by Trapping Mud & Moisture!
‘Climbing Clematis’ Organic Cotton Tops
‘The Power of Now’ 2007 Calendar
“Modern Art” Rugs & Cushion Covers*
21st Century Firelighting Based On Stone Age Principles...
21st Century Recycled Glassware - Cool & Contemporary
21st Century Recycled Glassware - Sparkling Design
21st Century Style in 100% Recycled Glass - Absolutely Pure Milk
30-Watt Solar Panel for Charging 12V Batteries
500 Daily Habits To Change The World
A Good Life- The Guide to Ethical Living
A Most Unusual Hemp Wrap-over Top
Absolutely Gorgeous, Plush Organic Cotton 'T's
Airfree - Silent Clean Air For Allergy Sufferers and Mouldy Rooms!
Algon Path & Patio Cleaner
All-waste Kitchen Composter
Amazing Dry Egg Dehumidifier
Amazing Eco-Friendly Markers!
Amethyst Necklace & Earring Set
Anti Calcification Devices
Astonish Cleaning Pastes
Baby Wipes
Bali Rainbow Bracelet
Bambule Hygiene Spray
Bambule Moth Oil
Banish Scale with our Anti-calcification Ball
Bath Time Fun & Gets Kids Clean Too!
Bath Water Diverter
Bean & Seed Multi Sprouter
Beautiful Babies Organic Socks & Tights
Beautiful Geometric Handspun Heavy Jute Rugs
Beautiful Handmade Diamond Kilim*
Beautiful Handmade Organic Chocolate Easter Eggs *
Beautiful Hand-spun Jute Rugs
Beautiful Handwoven Kilim Rugs*
Beautiful Kaftans & Shirts
Beautiful Organic Chocolate Bunnies*
Beauty & Purity Wrapped In One
Bio D Concentrated Disinfectant
Bio D Concentrated Fabric Conditioner
Bio D Concentrated Laundry Liquid
Bio D Glass/Mirror Cleaner & General Purpose Polish
Bio D Multi-surface Cleaner
Bio D Nappy Fresh
Bio D Toilet Cleaner
Bio D Washing Powder
Bio D Washing-up Liquid
Biodegradable Compost Bags & Recycled Bin Liners
Biomagnetic Neck Wrap
Blaze The Trail
Body Stick Natural Deodorant
Botanical Hair Remover
Bright Light Therapy Lamp
Brightspark - Light Therapy While You Work
Burst Into Colour This Spring!
Can O`Worms
Certified Fairtrade Football
Charming Mosaic Jewellery Box & Album
Chemical Free Cleaning Cloths & Towels
Chenille Loop Tactile Rugs & Cushion Covers
Chic Butterfly Bags
Children's Organic Toothpaste
Chlorine-free Oxygen Bleach
'Chocolate’ Kerala Furnishings
Citrus Fragranced Laundry Fresh
Classic 100% Hemp Skirt
Classic 100% Hemp Trousers
Classic Bodyclock with Radio
Clear Spring Cleaning Products
Comfort Gloves
Compost Crock
Contemporary Living - Organic Bedding
Cooking Without
Cotton Knit Stripe Range
CPRE Mouse Mat
CPRE Postcard Packs
CPRE Shopping Bag
Cuddly Striped Woollen Hooded Jacket*
Débutant Evening Bag
Delectable Handmade Recycled Paper & Gifts Bags
Designer Magnetic Jewellery
Dishwasher Smell Killer
DIY Loft Insulation
Dr Bronner's Magic Soaps
Dragonflies Flicker and Dance
Earth Friendly Air Freshener
Earth Friendly All Purpose Orange Cleaner
Earth Friendly All Purpose Parsley Kleener
Earth Friendly Baby Laundry Soap
Earth Friendly Carpet Shampoo
Earth Friendly Dishmate Washing-up Liquid
Earth Friendly Dishwasher Liquid & Rinse Aid
Earth Friendly Drain Cleaner
Earth Friendly Fruit & Veg Wash
Earth Friendly Furniture Polish
Earth Friendly Home Detox Kit
Earth Friendly Laundry Liquids
Earth Friendly Lemon Oil Based Cream Cleanser
Earth Friendly Lemon Oil Scented Floor Kleener
Earth Friendly Pet Stain & Odour Remover
Earth Friendly Pet Training Aid
Earth Friendly Shower Kleener
Earth Friendly Stain & Odour Remover
Earth Friendly Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Earth Friendly Window Kleener
Eco Chic Hemp Bags
Eco Disposable Nappy from Moltex
Eco Elephant Journals
Eco Food Covers
Eco Food Waste Digester
Ecosac Cornstarch Bags
Ecover Cleaning and Laundry Products
Elegant Hemp Panel Pants
Embroidered Books
Embroidered Gypsy Blouses
Embroidered Red Tulle Scarf
Emergency Wind-up Torch
Enamelled Splendour
Enchanting Christmas Cards - Packs of 10
Energy Saving Laundry Drier
Energy Saving Light Bulbs , Extra Compact With Standard Fitting
English Lavender Toiletries
Exclusive Luxury Organic Bedding - Cotton Percale
Exclusive Organic Bedding - Waffle Luxury
Exclusive Organic Exercise Gear
Exercise the Organic Way!
Exquisite 100% Sterling Silver Evening Bag
Eyecatching Spiral Hooded Jacket & Matching Beanie*
EyeMax Wind-up & Solar-Powered Radio Now With Integrated LED Flashlight
Fabulous Easter Eggs From Award Winning Booja Booja
Fabulous Oval Storage Baskets
Fair Trade Organic Cotton ‘Flower’ Turtlenecks
Fair Trade Wooden Maze
Fair Trade/Organic Shea Butter
Fairly Traded Colourful Chef Range
Fairly Traded Kid’s Cotton Clothing
Fairly Traded Wash Bag
Fairtrade Dubble Easter Egg*
Fairtrade Mini Eggs*
Faith in Nature Natural Hair & Body Care
Fashionable Baker Boy Wool Hat & Matching Scarf*
Fastbake Breadmaker
Fat Free Cooking
Feed the Birds With our Fat Balls
Feed The Birds With our Seed Mixes
Felt Flower Red Woollen Beanie*
Filtered Water Bottle
Fleecy Organic Scoop Neck Tops
Flexible 'Daylight' Lighting for Painting, Craftwork, Needlework, Reading & Model Making
Floral Door Mat
Florame Natural Fragrance Toiletries
Flower Charm Half-zip Sweater*
Fragrance For Your Home and Car
Fragrant Harmony#
Freeplay Devo Rechargeable & wind-up DAB & FM Radio
Fresh & Clean Multi-use Cleaner
Fresh Shoes Footwear Deodorisers
From Bottles To Bags
Funky Floral Bag
Funky Half-zip Sweater*
Get Creative
Get Knotted! Woollen Hat & Scarf*
Get Rid of Chlorine In The Bath
Gorgeous Silky Soft Bamboo Fibre & Organic Cotton Towels
Gorgeous Spice Hooded Jacket & Matching Beanie*
Great looking Hemp & Organic Cotton Strappy Vest Tops in Rich Earthy Colours...
Great tasting Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain
Great Value Low Energy Long Life Light Bulbs
Green Baby Toiletries
Green People Body Comfort
Green People Day Solution SPF15
Green People Gentle Cleanse
Green People Intensive Repair Conditioner
Green People Intensive Repair Shampoo
Green People No Scent Deodorant
Green People Rosemary Deodorant
Green People Self Tan Lotion
Green People Sun Lotions
Green People Vitamin Conditioner
Green People Vitamin Shampoo
Green People Vitamin Shower Wash
Greenpeace Calendar 2007
Greenpeace Christmas Cards
Greenpeace T-shirt
Greenpeace's 'little green bag' for Shopping
Handmade Birdsong Kilim Rugs*
Handmade Elegant Shoulder Bags
Handmade Elephant Notebooks You’ll Want To Keep Forever
Handmade Jute Rugs
Handmade Jute Rugs
Handsome Hammocks
Hardwood Garden Furniture Restorer
HayMax™ Hay Fever Solution
Hearts of the World - Three Soap Gift Set
Help Save Elephants By Using This Dung-tastic Paper!
Hemp & Organic Cotton T's in Rich Earthy Colours... All Dyed with Natural Clay
Hemp City-Chic Dress – Your New “Little Black Dress”!
Hemp Footwear
Hemp Icon Trainers
Hemp Serenity Hoody
Hemp Shoes & Boots
Hemp/Linen Strappy Top
High-efficiency Micro Spiral Bulb
Hi-Tower Fun
Home Recycling Bins
Howard Naturals Natural Cleansers
Ice Cream Maker (Gaggia)
Ice Free for Bird Baths
Indian Cotton Tunic
Jason Natural Cosmetics... with certified organic ingredients
Jason Temptations Lip Tints
Kids Red and Black Stripy Knitwear Collection
Kids Tie Dye Organic Tankshirt & Terry Shorts
Kids Woollen Jackets & Matching Chullo*
Kind to Nature, Kind to the Skin - Bambo Nappies
Kitchen Caddies for Organic Waste
Kitchen Healer Cupboard Book
Knitted ‘Wrap’ Jumper
Knowledge Cards
Ladybird Natural Pest Control
Laundry Soap Nuts -- Biodegradable Cleaning Grown From a Tree!
Lavender Magic Home Spray
Lavera Natural Cosmetics
Le Jardin Gift Set#
Lightweight Organic Cotton Long-sleeved T-shirt
Logona Eye Make-up Remover
Logona Loose Powder
Low Energy Bulbs
LOWER PRICE Recycled Office Copier Paper
Lustrous ‘Waves’ Jewellery
Luxury Organic Soaps
Luxury Vegetable Soaps
Luxury Wild Bird Hamper
Magnetic Therapy
Make a Not-so-Little Difference
Make Logs not Waste with our Logmaker
Make-up Remover Mitts
Manage the Menopause
Matching Cosy Woollen Hat & Jacket.*
Mediterranean World of Patchwork
Men’s Long-sleeve Organic Cotton Roundneck Sweatshirt
Men’s Organic Cotton Roundneck Sweater
Men’s Organic Cotton Rugby Shirt
Men’s Tailored Hemp Shirt
Men’s Woollen Zip-through Jacket – Handmade in Nepal*
Men's & Ladies Hemp Walking Shorts
Men's & Women's Hemp Sports Shoes
Men's Drawstring Trousers
Men's Hooded Hemp Sweater
Metal Marvels
Microfibre Hair Turban
Mindfulness For Beginners Meditation CD Set
Mite-proof Cotton Bedding Covers
Mix & Match Organic Underwear
Mobile Phone Charger with LED Torch
Mooncup Menstrual Cup
Moroccan-style Photo Frames & Boxes
Mother Earth Baby Care
Mounting Set For Hammock Chairs
Multi-Coloured Hemp Jumper
Nail Fit - For Shiny Nails & Well-Cared For Cuticles
Natralox Anti-wrinkle Cream
Natural Anti-mite Spray
Natural Badger Balms
Natural Bristle Kitchen Brushes
Natural Collection Gift Vouchers
Natural Crystal Deodorants
Natural Cushion Covers & Bedspreads from India
Natural Hand Wash by Faith in Nature
Natural Herbal Hair Colours
Natural Latex & Coir Mattresses
Natural Light Desk & Floor Lamps
Natural Moth Repellent
Natural Organic Bedding - Cotton Duvets
Natural Pond Care
Natural Sweetener
Natural Tooth Whitener
Nepalese Matching Skirt and Top
Nest Pockets
Never worry about battery problems again!
New Blissful Organic Bedding - Percale Cotton Bed Linen
NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
Old Rose Skirt
Olive Oil Soaps (Pack of 9)
Orange Degreaser
Organic Bedding - Purity Trimmed in a Subtle Colour
Organic Bedding - Sumptuous Organic Cotton Bedlinen
Organic Body Basics
Organic Camisole Set
Organic Cosy Evenings In!
Organic Cotton & Hemp Men’s Jeans
Organic Cotton & Wool Socks
Organic Cotton & Wool Socks & Tights
Organic Cotton Bathrobe
Organic Cotton Boxers & Briefs
Organic Cotton Cap Sleeve T-shirt
Organic Cotton Comfort
Organic Cotton Fine Rib Turtlenecks
Organic Cotton Kali Skirt
Organic Cotton Long-sleeved Tops
Organic Cotton Mattress Protector
Organic Cotton Super-soft Velour Blanket
Organic Cotton Tankshirt
Organic Cotton Terry Skirt
Organic Cotton Vest & Boxers
Organic Cotton Wool
Organic Flared Skirts
Organic Herb Condiments
Organic Jim-jams For Cosy Sundays
Organic Kit
Organic 'Leaf' Vest & Briefs
Organic Long-sleeved Scoop Tops
Organic Mattress Pads
Organic Millet Pillow
Organic Options Organic Soap
Organic Ribbed Cami & Briefs
Organic Seeds For Sprouting
Organic Socks & Tights For Kids
Organic Strappy Vest
Organic String Bag
Organic Toothpaste & Mouthwash
Organic Vest Top & Short Sleeved Top
Outdoor Meal Kit
Outstanding Organic 'Om' Fitness Kit
Overhead Dryer
Pack of 3 'Flower Feeders'
Palm Leaf Red Lamp
Patchwork Scarf to Enhance Any Outfit
Pierre d'Argent Household Cleaner
Polti Vaporetto 2400 Steam Cleaner
Polti Vaporetto Eco Pro 3000 Steam Cleaner
Polti Vaporetto Leader Steam Cleaner
Pond Oxygenator Pump
Pop Art Tankini Top
Portable Air Ioniser
Pretty Glass Bead Bracelet in Unusual Shapes
Pretty Tealight Holders#
Pure Organic Bedding - Cotton Bedlinen
Pure Water In Natural Terracotta
Q2 Bathroom Cleaner
Rainbow Sandals
Raindrops & Roses Body Care
Raleigh “Parkway” Folding Bike
Recycled Aluminium Foil & Baking Parchment
Recycled Christmas Wrapping Paper & Tags
Recycled Cotton Rugs
Recycled Garden Trugs
Recycled Glass Soap Dispenser
Recycled Kitchen & Toilet Paper
Recycled Mouse Mats - How Remarkable!
Recycled Pencils– How Remarkable!
Recycled Pens - How Remarkable!
Recycled Plastic Food Can Crusher
Rescue Your Furniture!
Resurgence Magazine March/April 2007 Issue
Resurgence Magazine Subscriptions
Reuse Labels
Romantic Solar-powered Birdbaths
Rosa Fina Essential Skincare Kit
Rosa Fina Facial Radiance Cream
Rosa Fina Range from Barefoot Botanicals
Rose Corsage Woollen Beanie*
Round-necked Hemp Top
Sachets For Unique Water Filter Jug System
Sage Organics
Sanitary Product Disposal Bags
Sanitary Products & Organic Tampons
Sanoflore Organic Skincare
Sante Eyeliner
Sante Eyeshadow
Sante Make-up Cream
Sante Mascara
Sante Natural Nail Care
Sante Natural Nail Polishes
Sante Powder Brush
Sante Pressed Powder
'Save Cash & Save the planet'
Save Water Without Losing Pressure With Our New Showerhead
Scrunched Soft Textured Red Flower Scarf
Seed & Bean Sprouter Jars (Set of 3)
Shaving Oils
Sherpa Xray LED Wind-up Flashlight
Silicone Drain Sieves
Simply Brilliant Battery Converters - Turns AAs Into Cs and Ds
Sleep In Finest Indian Cotton!
Sleeveless Hemp/Linen Vests
Slug Copper!
Slug Stoppa - New Improved Formula
Smart Rope
Smell Busters
Solace Active Day Cream
Solace Lip Salve*
Solar Dove Fountain
Solar Energy For Your Car!
Solar Frog Fountain
Solar Mobile Phone Charger
Solar Pond Jet Fountains
Solar Security Light
Solvent-free Paint Stripper
SOS Skin Rescue Cream by Barefoot Botanicals
SOS Skin Rescue from Barefoot Botanicals
Sounds Of Tranquillity
Square Woollen Rugs*
Stained-glass Nickel Lantern#
Stapleless Staplers
Stargazer's Almanac 2007 - Monthly Guide to the Stars & Planets
Steam and Vacuum - DSC00003
Storm Kettle
Stormy Pearl Bracelet**
Striped Cotton Shoulder Bags
Striped Jumper
Stripey Organic Cotton Long-sleeved T-Shirts
Stripy Hemp Tops
Stripy Jackets To Keep Out Chills
Sturdy Hammock Stand
Stylish Recycled Storage Baskets
'Summer Walks' Organic Cotton Dress
Sumptuous Bedouin Range
Sumptuous Cushion Comfort*
Super Soft Size Adjustable Real Nappies
Sweet Dreams In Polka Dots...
Tagua Nut Necklace
Tap Water and House Water Filter
The Amazing Windcopter
The Aster Range
The Divine Easter Egg with Chocolate Covered Brazils
The Easy, Eco Way to Pack & Carry Your Shopping
The GOOD Shopping Guide - New Edition
The 'Healing' Drum Kit
The Marvellous Freeplay Summit Multi Band Wind Up & Solar Radio & Alarm Clock
The Organic Directory 2006 - Edited by Clive Litchfield
The Silver Cleaner For Use Over & Over Again!
The Ultimate Reality Show
They Look Good Enough To Eat
Thick & Sumptuous Scarf
Thick Colourful Striped Woven Cushion Covers*
Tiered Skirt
Ties That Bind Naturally
To Die For Glamour - With A Feminine Heart
Tom's of Maine Natural Toiletries
Toothpaste, Brushes & Mouthwash
Top Of The Range Hemp Multi-compartment Rucksack
Tough Enough for a Multitude of Uses
Tough Wash Bags For Intrepid Travellers
Traditional Household Cleaners
Traditional Savon d’Alep
Trees For Life Cards
Trees for Life Winter Cards - Pack of 12
Tropical Gold Deodorant
T-Wave Laundry Discs
Under Cover
Under the Sea 2007 Calendar
Unique Patchwork Bags
Unique Woollen Hooded Jacket*
Unisex T-shirts
Unisex T-shirts dyed with Rich Earthy Colours
Universal Cleaning Block
Unpetroleum Jelly
Up close and personal
Utterly Loopy Woollen Shoulder Bag*
Vegan Condoms
Vegetarian Europe & Vegetarian Britain
Vein Wellness Roll-on
Velvet Flower Necklace
Velvet Rose Corsage Felt Slippers* For Toasty Toes
Velvet Tailored Jacket
Vibrant Jazzy Range
Vietnam & Bola Lamps
V-Neck Classic Organic Cotton T-shirt
Warmth & Style With This Hooded Cotton Knit Top
Washable Cleansing Pads
Washable Real Nappy System
Waste Log Maker - Fuel for Free
Water Filter Jug System
Water Saving Auto-Spout
Waterproof Overpants
Weekend Pyjamas – Why Save Them for the Bedroom?
Wide Stripe Chullo*
WildGuides To Britain's Wildlife
William Wordsworth, A Lakeland Anthology
Woman's Shirt
Woman's Zipped Cardigan
Women’s Bamboo Sport Socks
Women's Scoop Neck Tops
Woollen ‘Star’ Socks*
Workout Or Relax In This Hooded Top
Wrap It Up!
WSPA Christmas Cards - Packs Of 10
XL Smell Killer & Stand
X-Press 300 Battery Charger & 4 x AA 1300mAh Rechargable Batteries
Yummy Yoghurt with Yoghurt Maker

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