Keep warm at home with a Slanket

Slanket keeps you cosy


PrezzyBox sell the Slanket - a new weapon in the fight against fuel bills

Slanket keeps you warmthe Slanket
The Slanket is a large, very soft and extremely warm blanket that is tipped as a top-seller this winter. Earn commission on the escalating pre-orders, with the product expected in stock at the end of September.
This is going to be a great pressie this year with everyone worrying about heating bills, save a few quid and stay cosy in the slanket!
Dimensions 95" X 60" with Large loose sleeves ( 28" X 13.5"
What's a slanket? "blanket" and "sleeves" combined !
Only £34.95
PrezzyBox sell the Slanket
Free delivery is available

Voucher available - Prezzybox to get £5 off - see the top corner of this page for the voucher code


So what's all the fuss about?

As Autumn draws in and it starts getting colder in the evenings you'll start thinking about putting the heating on!


You can get a slanket and keep warm and cosy whilst reading, watching tv, even using a computer - this will keep you warm and you don't have to put the heating on!

It'd be a great pressie for someone - but make sure you get yourself one too!

A slanket could reduce your heating bill - you can sit on a sofa, lay down, some people even wear them in bed when they read! The sleeves keep your arms warm and doesn't slide off like sheets or a blanket do.

This is one product you'll love to use every night! It'll be lovely to slob about in - covers you up better than a dressing gown and is available in many colours

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