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Gizoo's Current top selling products are:

1 AV Sender
2 Solar Courtesy Light
3 CD/DVD Repair Kit
4 Wireless Keyboard
5 Power Bar
6 IDE/SATA to USB 2.0 Hard Drive Adapter
7 Snore Stopper
8 Deluxe Battery Wizard
9 8hr Digital Voice Recorder
10 Eye Massager

Vouchercode: TGSVCH600 - Get £5 off when you spend £30 or more in any basket.

Bye Bye Standby In Stock
Bye Bye Standby cuts power to appliances plugged into this device at the touch of a button, giving you the convenience of standby mode without the cost. More Info...

Deluxe Battery Wizard In Stock
At last you can recharge disposable batteries! Extend the battery life of ordinary throwaway batteries by 10 times or more. More Info...

Dryerballs In Stock
Want an alternative to chemically-laden dryer sheets? Dryer Balls offer an eco-friendly solution that's cheaper, dries clothes faster and makes them easier to iron! More Info...

Eco Kettle In Stock
Select the number of cups you want boiled and let the dual-chambered kettle do the rest! Save water, save time and save energy all at once! More Info...

Eco Media Player 2GB In Stock
Want to meet the next generation of music player? No batteries, just winding power are required for this ground-breaking energy efficient media player! More Info...

Ecoballs® In Stock
Ecoballs replace traditional washing powders and soaps used in your washing machine and are reusable for over 1000 washes. More Info...

Electrisave In Stock
Save up to 25% on your Electricity Bills with this easy-to-read electricity monitor designed for both home and office usage. More Info...

Freeloader - Portable Solar Energy In Stock
Charge all your gadgets from one charger, anytime, anywhere, for free - just by using the sun's energy. More Info...

Fridge Alert In Stock
Worried about leaving the fridge door open? Reduce running costs and never let food spoil again with this handy Fridge Alarm which detects even small traces of light. More Info...

Global Warming Mug In Stock
Watch as land mass and coastlines disappear in front of your eyes! More Info...

Intellipanel - Energy Saving Multi Plug Adapter In Stock
Switch your computer's peripherals on and off automatically to save energy! More Info...

IntelliPlug - Energy Saving Adapter In Stock
Save energy and money in one simple step. IntelliPlug switches power on or off computer peripherals automatically, depending on the status of your computer. More Info...

Micro Wind Up Torch- Bike Light In Stock
Keen cyclist? Enjoy constant bright light with this handy windup torch and bike light in one convenient, ultra compact package. No batteries required ever! More Info...

Moonlight - Energy Saving Nightlight In Stock
Want a night light for you or your child's bedroom? This soft glow night light requires no batteries and costs just 1/2p per day to run on continuous use! More Info...

PowerSafer New Version In Stock
Want to reduce your electricity bills and help the environment? Leave your TV on Standby and it could use up to 70% of the power that it uses when switched on. More Info...

Rainbow Maker In Stock
Powered by sunlight, the Rainbow Maker is the ultimate in original gifts. Sunrays shine through the Swarovski crystal to beam rainbows across your room... More Info...

Sun Jar In Stock
This innovative glow light charges during the day and stores up to 5 hours of sunshine for the night-time. More Info...

USB Rechargeable Batteries AA In Stock
Say goodbye to cables, adapters and chargers. Simply plug your USB battery into any USB powered port to recharge! More Info...

Water Powered Clock In Stock
Just add water to power this funky alarm clock with rotating display. Simply rotate 90 degrees for the time, alarm, timer and temperature! More Info...

Wind-Up Cycle Lamp In Stock
Keen cyclist? Stay safe on or off the roads with this powerful and highly practical dual purpose cycle lamp and windup torch in one. No batteries required ever! More Info...

Wind-up LED Lantern In Stock
Enjoy constant bright LED light thanks to the built-in wind up generator in this portable, energy-saving light. No batteries required, ever! More Info...

Wind-up Torch In Stock
Enjoy constant bright LED light thanks to the built-in wind up generator in this portable, energy-saving torch. No batteries or bulbs required, ever! More Info...


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