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Finally you can buy Fair flowers - ethically grown flowers. If you're worried about where flowers come from, whether they're grown in third world countrys in an unethical way then you should look at this exciting development in the world of flowers!

Fair Flowers from Arena Flowers

Arena Flowers Arena Flowers is the first UK florist to sell FFP products - Fair Flowers Fair Plants.
The Fair Flowers Fair Plants (FFP) Organisation, the new international standard for flowers and plants consumers, has recently been set up to monitor and check ethical standards, right from the flower or plant grower to the beautiful bouquet or plant that the consumer receives.
FFP is not the same organisation as Fair Trade. FFP's focus relates not only to 3rd world growers, but also to growers in the first world.

Buy different flowers that are approved by the Fair Flowers & Plants at Arena Flowers including:

* Orchids - utterly intriguing plants that are amongst the most unusual and delicate you'll find.
* Carnations - very sweet flowers, beautiful ruffled blooms
* Lilies - elegant flowers, often with strong scents and bright pollens
* Roses - the most romantic of flowers. Send red for true love
* Tulips - Spring is in the air when tulips are out! Bright, bold and very cheerful!
* Chrysanthemums - thought of as autumnal these densely packed floral delights are good for displays
* Freesias - my mums favourite flower! Delightfully delicate blooms, last very long too
* Gerberas - top flowers for colours and brightness.
* Plants - longer lasting than flowers and excellent as a gift!
* Sunflowers - very beautiful flower and one that makes people smile!

Fair flowers fair plants

If you care about the planet and people then buy only flowers approved by the FFP safe in the knowledge that standards are monitored to ensure that they are grown fairly.

Look for the symbol of Fair Flowers Fair Plants - its the green logo you can see on the left

* Vase Arrangements
* Hand-Tie Bouquets
* Floral Arrangements
* Gift Wraps





Clare Florist now sell fairtrade roses

The new Fairtrade Roses not only promise a better deal for the growers working on flower farms in Kenya, but will also enable customers to improve thequality of the lives of workers by supporting community, environmental andeconomic development projects through the Fairtrade premium that is included aspart of the Fairtrade pricing scheme. The sales of Fairtrade roses have already led to a range of implemented projectsincluding development of education facilities, purchase of equipment andfurniture as well as drilling holes for water supplies in local villages. Clare Floristare keen to support Fairtrade and ensure that the quality of lives on the flower farmsbe continually improved, whilst acknowledging our customers' demand for buyingflowers ethically and enabling customers to help the developing world gain a betterfuture through Fairtrade Rose purchases.

The Fairtrade mark ensures that the providing flower farms meet the basic labour andenvironmental standards.Fairtrade eliminates forced and child labour as well as ensuring workers are given fairwages, working conditions that comply with health and safety standardsand all whilst promoting freedom of association and collective bargaining.Fairtrade certified farms are also committed to resolving housing issues.



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