Ibuyeco car insurance

What about car insurance that offsets the CO2 that your car produces AND saves you money? Ibuyeco is a great car insurance company

Be green in your car when your car insurance offsets the CO2 you produce in it - and Ibuyeco will svae you money too

What an amazing idea! Cheaper car insurance plus they offset the CO2 you produce too! Make your driving much more eco-friendly!

Ibuyeco car insurance - Together with a portfolio of offsetting partners they'll be making it easy for our policy holders to balance the CO2 their cars produce by investing money to projects which save the equivalent amount of CO2 elsewhere. For every 1kg of CO2 produced by their cars each year they will pay for 1kg to be saved by a climate friendly project somewhere else in the world - one balancing the other to make your driving carbon neutral!

car insurance from ibuyeco

ibuyeco is backed up by a great insurance product offering***:

• Claims repairs guaranteed for 3 years
• Emergency assistance 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year
• Window glass cover
• Guaranteed courtesy car for 7 days minimum
*ibuyeco will pay for all sales originating from an online quote, providing the policy is not cancelled within 14 days of the policy start date and the visitor has not previously quoted through a different source in the 90 days preceding the quote.

** 100% carbon neutral car insurance means they will offset 100% of your vehicle's carbon emissions for the duration of your policy, based on the information you supply to them. Click here for terms and conditions.

*** Subject to Terms and Conditions



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