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One hour No Power - July 1st - noon - for one hour stop using energy! An excellent idea - join in and write to your local press about it to spread the news.
Gym powered by humans on tredmills
All that exercising needn't go to waste. A gym in Hong Kong apparently has set up a system where tredmill activiity contributed towards power generation
The concept of this site is very simple. It shows you what is happening around the world. It shows birth, death, CO2 emissions. It is a living breathing mapped of the earth.
It also allows you to point the mouse at a country and see the population statistics and totals.
This is very interesting to see in action -
The world from space. This is an amazing site which shows views of the world updated every 20 minutes. It shows cloud, earthquakes, storms and much more! If you're into watching the weather then this brings global clarity - just where does all the rain come from? See clouds following streams of air round the globe.
Measure your footprint with this fun quiz. It tells you how many planets we'd need if everyone lived like you. Not in depth but definately quick and easy,
low-impact living factsheets

building, renovation & shelter
natural paints
rammed earth building
straw-bale building
solar electricity
solar hot water
wind generators
wood stoves
food, farming & smallholding
keeping poultry
organic gardening
wild food
water & sewage
compost toilets
rainwater harvesting
veg oil motoring
health & household
natural cleaners
people & society
Earthship Fife -This is a passive solar building made from natural and recycled materials - predominantly earth-rammed tyres and aluminium cans. It is powered by renewable energy, such as wind, water and solar power. It catches its own water supply from rainwater, and treats and contains its own sewage in planter beds.

Earthshelter houses US

Green home bulding

2007 March Budget. Chancellor announces a stamp duty break for zero carbon houses.
This is a drawing and simply explanation of what a zero carbon house is.


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